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Why infertility treatment has to be done at Bloom IVF Clinics

A Large international study indicated that Indians have a high propensity to seek fertility treatment, but awareness is a major barrier.

Infertility in women and men is a growing problem in India, despite it being one of the countries with the world’s largest population. Current estimates state that 14-15 % of the Indian couples face issues with reproduction (Indian Society of Assisted Reproduction). . While data remains limited, most doctors tell us infertility rates in urban areas have shot up, with some estimating one in every six couples could have infertility problems.

According to a 2015 Ernst and Young report, 27.5 million couples, who are actively trying to conceive, suffer from infertility in India.


It is estimated that while female factor accounts for 40-50% of infertility among couples, infertility attributable to male factors is on the rise and constitutes 30-40% of infertility

► While there is a rise in the proportion of women in the reproductive age of 20-44years (14% increase estimated between 2010 to 2020) the increase is skewed towards those aged between 30-44 years (20% increase estimated between 2010 to 2020), who typically display lower fertility rates. This shifting demographic trend coupled with increasing contraceptive use and risk factor exposure is likely to drive further rise in the burden of infertility in India

► The key risk factors that are leading to high prevalence of infertility include-

► Lifestyle factors: Increasing marital age, increasing number of working women, rising alcohol and tobacco

consumption and rising levels of obesity

► Clinical factors: Increasing prevalence of medical conditions such as polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), endometrial tuberculosis, and sexually transmitted infections (STIs). Studies also suggest that South Asian women

have a poor ovarian reserve compared to Caucasian women, and are likely to suffer from earlier onset of infertility and poorer outcomes from infertility treatment.


Treatment landscape

  • Highly under-penetrated market with significantly low treatment rates
  • ►Assisted reproductive technology (ART), which includes in-vitro fertilization (IVF), is used primarily for treatment of infertility.
  • In spite of increasing demand for infertility treatment, only 1% of infertile couples in India seek treatment
  • ►The low penetration of infertility treatment in India is attributable to:
  • ►High cost of treatment – at INR 150,000 – 200,000 per IVF cycle, which often requires multiple treatment cycles, is largely unaffordable to nearly 80% of the population
  • ►Paucity of skilled IVF specialists and embryologists in India, with only about 3-4% (700-1,000) of the pool of gynecologists performing IVF procedures. There is an urgent need to address the skill gap and technical expertise required to provide high quality treatment towards improving outcomes and patient safety
  • ►Significant geographical skew in the distribution of infertility centers with ~55% of IVF cycles being performed in the top eight metro cities coupled with a highly fragmented market is affecting access to quality treatment
  • ►Absence of a regulatory framework for quality management of ART centers and patient safety resulting in mushrooming of IVF clinics with poor treatment outcomes and quality of patient care
  • ►Low awareness of fertility problems among couples despite the high need for parenthood and the importance of social status associated with parenthood
  • ►It is estimated that the addressable demand in the key metro cities of Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore is 9 to 12 times higher than the current market for IVF treatment


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