Fertility Treatments Available In India
Affordable fertility treatment in India

What Are The Various Fertility Treatments Available In India?

Bloom IVF’s article published on DoctorNDTV  Trying to get pregnant? Learn about the various fertility options available in India, right here. HIGHLIGHTS If you’re trying to get pregnant, fertility medications can be helpful Intrauterine insemination is another female infertility treatment Fertility restoration surgery can also be done “If you and your partner are having trouble […]

Affordable fertility treatment in India

27.5 million infertile couples in India need quality fertility treatment

Overview of the market today India faces the twin challenges of high infertility rate along with significantly low treatment rates. Which means many of the infertile couples get no treatment. This is evidenced from the fact that amongst the 27.5 million infertile couples, only 65,000 undergo treatment! The IVF market is highly under-penetrated with addressable […]